I tried today. I did something I never do, never the first to say anything at all. But, today, I tried. And now I’m reminded why I don’t try. Because the other person never shows up when you need them too.

I’m never going to be good enough for you, am I? Something I will never ask myself, again.


Oh, darling. You thought you could just wake up one morning and they’d be your knight and shining armor? Did you believe the song spilling from their mouth, because they said they only sang it for you? Oh, so, gullible. This may be a dumb question, but how long did it take for you to realize it was the same snake, dressed in different … Read More Knight.


As I lay here, reviewing and recovering from the night I just endured, I know few things to be true: 1. I have basic human rights and because of those rights I am entitled to let go and cut off any person who violates them. 2. I regret you. I learned nothing from you. I only learned about myself. You’re scum. The toxicity of … Read More Truths

I take it all back.  Xo, #thets

Game-changer.  Xo, #thets

Two Things

I can imagine two things happening in this year:  Me chasing you.  Me letting you go.  And I only came back here to let you know. 

Day 1

Would it not be the most hilarious thing, if you tricked everyone into thinking you liked me? Including myself?!  Ha! Can you imagine?  And wouldn’t it be even funnier if you tricked yourself into believing you felt nothing for me?  Gosh. What a good save that was. (Because, god forbid you fell for the one thing that wasn’t safe). Ugh.. Tell me about it. … Read More Day 1

Do you know what gets old? Apologies.  Wanna know what doesn’t?  When you mean them.  Xo, #thets


& in one day, I lost everything. Just like that.  Xo, #thets

I remember this day a couple years ago. Do _ _ _? I remember how incredibly head over heels I thought I was. I remember that I would have done absolutely anything for _ _ _. I remember what I was wearing, and what I thought. I remember what I felt and the song that was playing. I remember what we did and how … Read More

Six Months

You call me and you think I won’t write about you? Of course I will. You call me and every line is déjà vu. I bet you have a script, don’t you? A script that you tell over and over to all the girls you bury alive. I’m sure. You call me and I hear your voice and there are no butterflies, no sunlight, … Read More Six Months