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Seeing Double

My true Gemini. Two people in one. One moment, you. The next, a different you. I love them both. They’re both mine. I accept both. I treasure both. I find happiness in both. I choose them both. But, one, I’m not sure which… but one of those you’s, doesn’t love me back. I’ve known it. And I’ve picked you both every day, anyway. Xo, … Read More Seeing Double

Cotton Candy

My words will easily cut you like a knife in your heart.  Taste as sweet as cotton candy but if only for a moment.  This I know.  And I know my shortcomings of being too harsh, too cold, not enough chances. But, I make up for it ten fold, every time.  Yet, some just don't like cotton candy; your type of sweet.  Some see … Read More Cotton Candy

So, okay. I wasn’t trying to be that one, not to you. I’m realizing that, no one is safe in my life from that. It’s no secret that I’m just all too real for someone like you. That’s okay, isn’t it? I mean, maybe for you but certainly not for me. I’m to real and that’s not an issue, the issue is how you’ve … Read More

This Won’t Mean Much

If you only knew how much I simply adored you.  Of course, my love won’t cure you. Or make you happy. I can’t help by that facet alone.  But if you knew at least you’d know. And sometimes that’s the one thing you need before going to bed at night.  Just, knowing.   Xo, #thets


& in one day, I lost everything. Just like that.  Xo, #thets

I’m learning my lesson about you.  Xo, #thets

The Best Friend

I can feel you. I feel you pulsing through my shrinking veins; furiously, frantically. You’re honestly my worst nightmare. You drop in at the most inconvenient of times, so pretentiously. I tell you to leave and you stay for hours on end and no click of my heels, or medication can shake you. I can feel you. Creeping just a little further up my … Read More The Best Friend

Remember:  “He is not the sun. You are.”  -G.A.

Sometimes I like to get heavily medicated and think of you. 

Meet me at midnight…

You meet me here, almost every night… And I? Honestly, I would stay up every night past my own adult bed time just to talk to you. Because you’re a different person. Not so guarded; not so afraid; not a sarcastic dick. You’re sweet. And you say genuine things that I never hear, and not from you. It could all be a joke and … Read More Meet me at midnight…