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Hello, again.

No feeling will ever compare to that feeling. No night will ever come close to the best night of my life. The love had never been so pure. The happiness had never been so fitting. The dreamy euphoria was one of a kind. The nostalgia of every moment I think back is the past I always want to relive. So, tell me why as … Read More Hello, again.


Okay, so. I have no words. I am empty. Most moments I am numb but then the waves come and I feel everything. This, is a huge wave. And I check my phone, nothing. My inbox, nothing. My door, my car… I looked for you everywhere I went and I found nothing. So, here I am. Searching. Searching for words. Emotions. Answers. You. Coming … Read More Searching

Part 2

When you meet someone, you see skin, beautiful eyes, breathtaking smile, brightly colored personality; and you feel warm and fluttery. But when you meet someone, you don’t know what keeps them up at night, or if they’ve had pain. So much pain it changed them, altered their whole body from skull to toe, sympathetic to nervous system. You can’t tell that they have days … Read More Part 2

Public Service Announcement:

If you don’t know who you are, don’t date. If you don’t like who you are, don’t date. If you don’t have time, don’t date. If you are selfish and judgmental, don’t date. If you’re lonely, don’t date. If you want something else/more, don’t date. If you genuinely don’t care about another human beings right to be treated like a decent human being, don’t, … Read More Public Service Announcement:

Okay, so. So, I met this guy who was great. Was, because he isn’t anymore. I thought we were going to have something good, but really, I don’t believe in that anymore. So, while I was–am–will be, drowning in my own despair; he has forgotten already. So, okay. Whatever. It’s just sad that excuses are made to try to make up for the fact that … Read More


I realize now that… I’ll always text you first. I’ll want to cry when I hear this really stupid song that reminds me of you. I will never see you. I’ll miss you. I would have always cared about you so much more than you were ever willing to let yourself care for me. I will never be the one you pick. I will … Read More 1/29/15