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Why Are You Single?

Short answer (pick one): I’m a mess  I have no time  I don’t know  Lol, anyway… Well… that’s a long story.  And so it goes. I’m single because I can’t keep up with people who don’t know what they want, every day–ever-changing. How do you expect someone to stick around when you’re playing with their brain like a yo-yo. It’s fucking nauseating, I’ll tell … Read More Why Are You Single?

3 seconds.

I saw something that you don’t know I’ve seen. And, to be honest, it made my heart full for about 3 seconds. The unfortunate thing is if I hadn’t seen anything I wouldn’t know anything because you don’t like to tell me…anything. Without knowing what I do now I know that, I knew that, we are completely different and our lives are moving in … Read More 3 seconds.


C O A C H E L L A 2015

OKAY, SO–Where do I even begin? I just got back from a trip of a lifetime. Had one of the best weekends of my life and was able to share it with my two sisters, whom I believe are my soul mates. But really, such a killer weekend. I won’t go on and on about boring stories that no one but us would understand. … Read More C O A C H E L L A 2015