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How do I stay knowing you don’t love me the way I love you. How do I stay after all the hurtful things you did and said. How can I stay when we are perfect and everything is fine, we are learning and growing. And the, The first moment of imperfection, the first glimpse of effort being had… you find every excuse to … Read More

Cotton Candy

My words will easily cut you like a knife in your heart.  Taste as sweet as cotton candy but if only for a moment.  This I know.  And I know my shortcomings of being too harsh, too cold, not enough chances. But, I make up for it ten fold, every time.  Yet, some just don't like cotton candy; your type of sweet.  Some see … Read More Cotton Candy

I'm sorry that you needed forgiveness from me when I was drowning in my own darkness. I'm sorry you left because my darkness was inferior to your importance. Xo,#thets

You're not ready for me. I see that now. I'm not the one, though for a moment you believed that to be true. And, I hopelessly and lovingly believed you, too. But, I'm not you're one. And you're not ready for me. My one mistake was one too many. But you… you, I was ready for. You, I spent nights dreaming of you. Then … Read More

I take it all back.  Xo, #thets

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Public Service Announcement:

If you don’t know who you are, don’t date. If you don’t like who you are, don’t date. If you don’t have time, don’t date. If you are selfish and judgmental, don’t date. If you’re lonely, don’t date. If you want something else/more, don’t date. If you genuinely don’t care about another human beings right to be treated like a decent human being, don’t, … Read More Public Service Announcement:

When someone makes you feel guilty for already reacting to the harmful words you knew to be true, before they even say it. 

Game-changer.  Xo, #thets

So, okay. I wasn’t trying to be that one, not to you. I’m realizing that, no one is safe in my life from that. It’s no secret that I’m just all too real for someone like you. That’s okay, isn’t it? I mean, maybe for you but certainly not for me. I’m to real and that’s not an issue, the issue is how you’ve … Read More