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Oh, darling. You thought you could just wake up one morning and they’d be your knight and shining armor? Did you believe the song spilling from their mouth, because they said they only sang it for you? Oh, so, gullible. This may be a dumb question, but how long did it take for you to realize it was the same snake, dressed in different … Read More Knight.


And, as expected in one split second you were exactly what I knew you to be all along. And, as expected silence — but what would you anticipate from a coward? So, as expected I bite the bullet thinking of the possibility of you even having the privilege to have my forgiveness. And, as expected, I stand by my convictions unlike you so don’t … Read More One

For now

Tonight is the first night in many nights that I feel myself disappearing. The first night in many nights when I want to.

Bloody Mary

I don’t know if I miss you. I don’t know what I miss. Or what I had. But some days, I sit here after work sipping on this drink and I miss every adventure, every laugh, every kiss, every drink, every song, the date nights, the moments… And then I blink. And just like that… I don’t know if I miss you. I don’t … Read More Bloody Mary

The Answer is No

And when someone who has no idea who you are tries to tear you down, makes assumptions of who you are, and your relationship with the closest people in your life. All because you’d never pick them, not in a million years. They aren’t the one. But, they want to ruin you with a few words, without any history of who you are and … Read More The Answer is No

One Million

It’s only the dark & twisties, I remind myself. It’s only the dark and the damaged. Just breathe. Take your meds. Breathe. Remind yourself. Breathe again. Keep. Breathing. But tonight, like some nights…like this night, I can’t breathe. Did I forget my meds? Why am I thinking these thoughts? Go away, go away, go away. I’m trying to breathe here and you’re getting in … Read More One Million


Before this year is over, let’s air out this dirty laundry. Get ready.


As I lay here, reviewing and recovering from the night I just endured, I know few things to be true: 1. I have basic human rights and because of those rights I am entitled to let go and cut off any person who violates them. 2. I regret you. I learned nothing from you. I only learned about myself. You’re scum. The toxicity of … Read More Truths

If Only

I should have let you go when I had the chance. I should have seen this was too good to be true. I should’ve known that I’d find the truth between your lies. As much as I wanted to believe you meant it, I knew. As much as I said I wouldn’t let you do it all over again, you tried. As much as … Read More If Only


I have no words. No words for how I feel or why I feel this way. So I have no words. And it’s frightening as all hell. X…o.. #thets


All I’ll ever have are the memories. I don’t know if they were real, or a dream. Disingenuous, or authentic. But now it’s all that’s left. All I have. Real or not. Lies or truth. You or the idea of you. Fake or not, I can’t stand how much I miss you. And how much I know you…. don’t. Goodbye, #thets


I called you. A hour and 56 minutes after you walked away from me. I was calling to tell you that I want you in my life. No matter how fucked up life is right now. No matter how fucked it up it could be. Will be. I called you. I was calling to tell you that I forgave you. For any wrongdoing you’ve … Read More 6:56