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Well, here I am on an elliptical. A cardio machine I haven’t touched in at least 3 years. Why? I’m just getting fat. Nothing crazy, just fat. Of course, I can still dead lift you, squat you, maybe not bench press but soon, (I’ll touch on that later). But yet, my hormones and stress levels, mixed in with fooling myself ONCE again that I … Read More Change

The Struggle

It is not secret that I am dark and twisty, and it’s no secret that I have a love for weightlifting. These two worlds are constantly conflicting. I started my new journey of my 20’s in September of last year, I began weightlifting consistently and started taking control of my stress and depression. When I was put on medication it helped control my fluctuating … Read More The Struggle


Flag nor Fail

I have a chosen drug, and it’s called weightlifting. It’s known–if you know me well enough. I have aspirations to be a USAW Athlete and will start taking steps to get there this summer. I am incredibly excited and anxious but unfortunately, I am more nervous and discouraged than anything. As humans, we all choose our one thing that keeps us afloat; this is … Read More Flag nor Fail