As I lay here, reviewing and recovering from the night I just endured, I know few things to be true:

1. I have basic human rights and because of those rights I am entitled to let go and cut off any person who violates them.

2. I regret you. I learned nothing from you. I only learned about myself. You’re scum. The toxicity of secondhand smoke. You’re unforgivable.

3. I know myself more than you will ever understand you, and for that I’m sorry. What a life of fallacies and misery.

4. I will always be dark and damaged and twisty. But I like that part of me. I will never change, for anyone. Your words do not persuade me to think otherwise.

5. I have friends and family who love me and accept me. We are thick as thieves. They would go to battle for me, and I, for them. But they are my wall when you think your words can touch me. I am protected. I am grateful.

6. And last, for now, after I come home from a fulfilling job, after working my ass off, with giving everyone around me respect and love, I get to come home. And a wet pitty nose is nudged into my tummy to get warm. And I think of 1-5, and I shall never let anyone believe they have control over me the way you so arrogantly did. Because, I’m present in this moment. Alive. Breathing. Pitty nose snuggling me. A text from my favorite person, reassuring me of what I already know. This.


Only a few things I know for sure. And my dear, you were never one of them.



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