My words will easily cut you like a knife in your heart. 

Taste as sweet as cotton candy but if only for a moment. 

This I know. 

And I know my shortcomings of being too harsh, too cold, not enough chances. But, I make up for it ten fold, every time. 

Yet, some just don't like cotton candy; your type of sweet. 

Some see shortcomings as flaws, but I've never been one to mask those. 

I suppose my biggest downfall is not my accidentally selfless, involuntary act of forgiving and caring from every inch of my tar black heart. No, not that. 

It's not how, I unknowingly wrap you around my finger and as soon as someone crosses the faint line, we fall out of each other. 

Not even that is as big of the downfall

The biggest of all time

The most laughable cosmic joke

And every single planetary God 

Looking down on me as if I should've 

Predicted this from


Bedside Astrolger.

Yes, unfortunately. Every trait you so desperately needed to point out. Every idiosyncrasy that was never good enough for you, even those could never be my downfall because the biggest downfall that ever took over me like the most profoundly loud ingredient of everything that kept me up all night, that biggest downfall had absolutely nothing to do with my properties but everything to do with 


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