Short answer (pick one):

  1. I’m a mess 
  2. I have no time 
  3. I don’t know 
  4. Lol, anyway…
  5. Well… that’s a long story. 

And so it goes.

I’m single because I can’t keep up with people who don’t know what they want, every day–ever-changing. How do you expect someone to stick around when you’re playing with their brain like a yo-yo. It’s fucking nauseating, I’ll tell you that right now. 

I’m single because there is a cruel idea of what a relationship should look like in this day and age, but real life is not built on phone screens and funny memes anddddd I have nothing else to rhyme with. 

Seeing as there is an unrealistic idea of what a woman today looks like, talks like, feels like, acts like. I’m probably too real for you. 

Because, you don’t know yourself, and I saw that the moment you tried talking to me as if I didn’t know better. Since you’ve never seen the darkest pit of the earth or yourself, so how could you ever understand and empathize with someone who has. 

       Now, I’ll clarify: I don’t expect you to reach my darkness. No. Please. Let me save you if that happens. But, everyone has their own and if you’ve never seen that demon that has been waiting patiently for the day you flip that switch, even for a nano second, I can’t talk to you without being judged by you. Therefore, I can do without. 

I know myself; what I want and like, what I stand for. That makes me picky and unreasonable and contradictory and a thorn in your side but I’ll be the first person to tell you that, and the last. I told you so.

**This isn’t a woe is me, either. Nor do I think I’m too good for people. Just wait. 

I’m single because it’s really hard to find someone who gets you. You know? Like, do they know your passions and pet peeves? What you like to eat right after you get off your 17 hour shift? And then even more so, do they know the day your whole life changed for better/for worse, and you-yourself became a whole new person. Like a motherfucking butterfly. But, do they know? I mean, tell me, what do I see when I close my eyes at night? What do you see? What color is my heart and what is it laced with. 

I’m single because even when someone wants to get you, be with you, help you, they don’t know that you’re happy the fucked up way you are. 

Seeing how it takes a lot for a human being to understand another human beings pain and want to dive deeper, I am. For an ocean so deep you can’t see the bottom but. you. keep. swimming. 

Hey. I don’t blame you. Not ever. 

Because someone people just really don’t get it. 

The anxiety. 

The depression. 

The emotion. 

The emptiness. 

The history. 

The history. 

The history

Remember that feeling that jolted you awake, big bottomless pit in your stomach? You dreamt you fell off a cliff. That feeling of falling. Having no control. So, take that, multiply it by 5, put it in real life, from the moment you wake up until the second you go to sleep, when you’re eating, having sex, working, and then take note that it’s for absolutely no specific reason. No explanation. No rational reason. 

Why would I ever ask you to understand that. But, I would also never subject my growth and healed wounds to someone who claims to want to know but as soon as you go, they hit the ground running. Sorry. You’re not worth the chance. Thank you for the promises. 

I’m single because people want forever and don’t want to work for it. Because you want perfect but that takes time that you can’t afford to lose. You can’t walk in to someone’s life thinking you’ve already earned the right to be there. 

This isn’t a tape, with 30,000 reasons why. 

This isn’t woe is me. This isn’t arrogance.

My unapologetic truth as to why, I don’t fuck with you. 








P.s. sorry for being gone so long. just needed to breathe different air for a minute. 

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