Flags went up when I believed you were too good to be true. 

When your smile felt like thorns from the most beautiful rose. 

When your laugh was as soft as the sound of crashing waves. 

Flags went up when, surprise, you wanted me. 

Flags went up when you knew that you were going to like me a little too much. 

Flags went up when I told you I was going to fuck up your world. 

A white flag, for the moment I realized I adored you. A white flag when we substituted “adore” for “love”. A white flag for the time you took care of me so perfectly, the time you took me all around, oh so proud. A white flag for when you decided I was yours. 

Flags went up when your superiority and inability to apologize became overwhelming like the sound of your fake laugh. 

Flags went up when you lied about where you were, what you were doing, who you were doing with the most twisted smile on your face. 

Flags went up when I sat by the phone for 24 hours, in your biggest time of need – and then the moment came where my world was falling apart and I believe the word you used was, “distraction.” Flags went up when I needed you and you couldn’t be inconvenienced. 

Flags went up when the ex you wanted to tear apart was 75% of our conversations; but I wouldn’t dare talk about mine. 

A red flag, for the time you minimized every word, and every feeling. A red flag for that day I needed you, but you were too busy for my distractions but not too busy for, D. A red flag for the moment you lied about it. A red flag for the first chance you could get to talk about your day and how it was no way, shape or form, and it was much more important to discuss. 

Flags went up when I asked for the truth and received a lie. When I told you I’d fuck up for your world and really it was. When you used the “L” word and it was a masked disguise, made for fools. 

A white flag, from me. Because 500 flags later and I still knew from number one, that I should’ve known better.  



-And the poorest writing I’ve done in awhile, but if it’s not here, I’ll go crazy leaving it in my head. 

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