Well I must say, I’d be lying if I said you didn’t surprise me. You got me good. Jokes on me.

You got me so good that I just fell right back into you.

You got me so good, that it only took a minute.

You got me, and I was so blindsided, by the idea that we could ever ever ever be together.

But, jokes on me.

Because you get me.

You get that I’m so dark and twisted-and you let me remind you every day.

You get that I can’t tell you how fucking sweet your “hazel” (but I say more green) eyes are, and that your mouth is my favorite thing to taste.

You get that, by now, I’m not going to change for anyone and you say, “Why should you?” And I have no reply, because you’ve never asked me to be anything other than whatever the fuck I roll out of bed and become that day.

I’m not saying you’re forever and I’m not saying you’re the one and I’m not saying I’d have babies with you, but that one I would highly consider. I’m not saying anything nice or hopeful and you already knew that but for anyone else who needed to know…

I’m saying, you surprised me, you got me good. And jokes on me, because it took me this long to realize, you.


to be continued…



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