Well, here I am on an elliptical. A cardio machine I haven’t touched in at least 3 years. Why? I’m just getting fat. Nothing crazy, just fat. Of course, I can still dead lift you, squat you, maybe not bench press but soon, (I’ll touch on that later). But yet, my hormones and stress levels, mixed in with fooling myself ONCE again that I can eat whatever I feel like, has betrayed me, yet again.

I’ve never been on a fitness journey like most others. It has never been a journey for me because I never started randomly and walked into a gym, randomly, and said “I just want to get toned,” randomly. That wasn’t me. Because, my life has always consisted of this. It’s my life. My side job. The gym is my wifey and food is my mistress.

With that said, as I’m getting older (only 23, but still), I’m noticing how my body has been responding to its social and environmental stimuli. It’s not taking this new life very well, but I have to be honest that neither am I. Life sucks, most days and the gym has always been my pill to rid me of bullshit and excess weight.

So, anyway, here I am, planning my life around how to get back to feeling like myself, the good self I’m used to. And, I’m choosing to let everyone who reads this thing in on all my secrets and fall-outs. Again, please don’t look at this as a diet or a fad or a journey. This is me, my life, the way I train and how I have to continually adjust to become better, faster, stronger.

Stay tuned.





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