I remember this day a couple years ago.
Do _ _ _?
I remember how incredibly head over heels I thought I was. I remember that I would have done absolutely anything for _ _ _.
I remember what I was wearing, and what I thought. I remember what I felt and the song that was playing.
I remember what we did and how I just wanted _ _ _ to be happy.
I remember.
And, if I knew then what I knew now…
I would remember this day, a couple years ago, as an insignificant one.
I would remember how I woke up, got dressed but in what? It wouldn’t have mattered.
I would go on with my day as planned, as any other.
And, if I knew then what I knew now…
I would tell that girl that this day, today, you would break.
Try to reach out, try to still do everything for that one person who wouldn’t do a damn thing for you, not even if you asked.
I would tell myself that this day, will be like any other day and I have no reason to let it weigh down on me like a block filled with, “I remember’s” and, “_ _ _’s.”
I just… It’s just that I remember this day, because it was _ _ _rs. Once upon a time, I woke up every day not living for me but for _ _ _ .
So, of course _ _ _ wouldn’t remember this day, a couple years ago, because _ _ _ didn’t wake up everyday making sure that I was living, or that I was okay, because as long as _ _ _ had this day, and every day, there was no need to remember the very specific day that _ _ _ took someone who was willing to give _ _ _ every perfect day and _ _ _ couldn’t even give her one.


You couldn’t even answer the phone, after you bulldozed into the middle of her happy life that was rebuilding piece by fucking piece and you walked on all her glued together blocks to give a message as if you were God and then walk away laughing as you left her begging for her life back. You couldn’t even answer the fucking phone as she called, for the first time in a year to ask how. How can someone break a human being down when that human being never did anything but care for you, and “love” you and give you every perfect day that I know for a fucking fact no one will ever be able to top because I hope to god no poor girl will ever be stupid enough to take that long and dark leap with you. But really? You couldn’t answer your phone and answer why? After everything you did to me and after everything I gave to you; I guess my happiness and all my broken pieces still aren’t enough for you.

But, because you’re still playing God and because my entirety is still not enough for you, you didn’t answer the phone so I hope you get to read this and you can notice my very heartfelt and solid dedication of this post, rightfully so, to you: Happy Birthday.

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