I didn’t want to believe it when someone told me that I choose people who are unavailable. I made sure that that could not be true. Not about you.

And then…

I mean, it’s okay that you didn’t want me the way that I wanted you. You didn’t pick me and you shouldn’t have to, if that’s not what you want. I’m really used to it, I mean it happens.

Only this time…

I know now that I shouldn’t have to tell you to pick me and ask you to want me. That’s how you know someone’s in it more than other, you know. They would sacrifice their own pride, the hard work they put into their self worth for a year; I’d throw it all away just to remind you that I could make you happy, and you would never disappoint me. The only thing that is disappointing now is the fact that… You let me slip through your fingers. I gave a piece of me to you because I thought it was… You were, different.

No matter, it’s over now.

Just never forget:
I said pick me and you said everything but


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