As I dive deeper into my fitness journey I just want to discuss a few things:

  • I will post pictures of myself and/or others on our process. I will not use any extreme filters, as that’s cheating. Not just my readers but also myself, giving a false image of what reality actually looks like.
  • I am no expert. I am a regular person like many of you, I am trained by experts and it is them who I will listen to for any advice on my health and fitness.
  • This is a process and a journey and a serious lifestyle choice. I will have great days and bad days, and I will share all with you. I think tracking your progress is necessary and then hopefully each time I will look back and see how far I’ve come. This is my positive outlet, so keep your negativity to yourself. (:

As for the picture above:

I literally rolled out of bed and noticed how lean my body was so I needed to capture the moment. Not to show how “skinny” I was, but how strong I’ve been getting. There will be a day, maybe one every week where I think, “I’m too tired. I need a cheat day. I don’t need to go to training,” but, now I have these pictures to show me where I have the capability of going with my body. So, let us admire the toned tummy, the strong–and do I say long–legs, along with the little oomph I’m getting in my booty.

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