I saw this line of supplements on Instagram so I decided to look into it some more, as you all know I love finding new things to add to my healthy lifestyle.

Bodyism has many different supplements for moms, men and people like me. I decided on four items to start with and feel out.

Beauty Food: A green drink supplement made specifically to aide with skin health, nails, hair, etc. Supposed to be taken once every day. It runs more expensive then the other supplements at $70 a bag.

Body Brilliance: This is nicknamed “The supermodel’s secret weapon.” It is packed with protein, metabolism starting and fibrous ingredients. It is meant to be taken once every morning to jump start your day. Each bag is $55.

Berry Burn: This is my favorite product that I have found thus far. It tastes so yummy and helps give me a little boost for my tough workouts. It is a natural pre-workout packed with antioxidants and energy. These bags also go for $55 each.

Multioptimum: This is a great multivitamin for a healthy and lean body. Easy to take every day. It’s $40.


I like this line a lot. I love how all of their products are in powder form that is easily mixed with juice, water, milk or a smoothie. I often pick and choose when I use my supplements so it will last me longer than a month. But they are well worth the money. If you want to look into Bodyism or purchase any of their products visit https://www.bodyism.com.

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